Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Stage 6: Healdsburg to Cloverdale

Today's ride was pretty short as the crow flies, about 17 miles. But we were riding to the geysers which meant 40 miles and 4000 feet of climbing. The local area is very geologically active and the local geysers have been harnessed for creating power. The road takes you up and around the geysers. The most prominent sign of the power generation are pipes running up and down the hills. Perhaps some of my photos later in the ride caught some of them.

We road out of Healdsburg at about 8AM after breakfast with nice cloud cover to keep things cool. We headed out past the Jimtown general store and on up the hill. The hill started at about 10 miles and kept climbing for about 10 more miles. At times the cycle computer flashed 17% grade, but it was mostly 12-14% with some 6 to 8% thrown in. It was pretty long, but compared yesterday's Sweet Water climb, not nearly as exhausting.

Mike and Colleen Hover was at the top of the climb with drinks, fruits and snacks that would hold us until we got down to Cloverdale. The rest of the ride was mostly downhill, but over some god awful road surface ranging from cracked and broken surface to gravel. We were warned about the conditions this morning, but it really slowed us down getting into Cloverdale.

Upon entering the town we turned left and spied Pick's Drive-in with large signs announcing Root Beer Floats. Rick was buying and I ordered up the large size. It really hit the spot!

Tomorrow will be longer, about 75 miles and additional climbing than today at 4700 feet, but we'll end up on the coast at Fort Bragg. It should be a great day!

Brian Cox