Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Stage 11: Marshall (Marconi Center) to San Francisco

You have all heard that San Francisco gets foggy, right?  Well at the start we had a chance to experience it. Walking to the dinner hall this morning for breakfast, there were conversations of whether this was heavy fog or light rain. But we had miles to ride and hills to climb before we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and bring this wonderful ride to an end.

I had ridden portions of this route before and I had remembered it to be hilly, but my muscles reminded me that reality trumps memories. It seems my memories told me that I could fly over each of the peaks like a gazelle. Oh those memories can be so misleading. By the water stop at 20 miles, the idea of going 6 miles out of my way and climb an additional 2,500 feet was crazy, just crazy. Three of the guys I was riding with, Frank, Chris and Philippe stuck to their plan to climb Mt Tam and I continued along the to the lunch stop at 30 miles.

There were 3 climbs that need to be taken. One before lunch and two climbs after lunch, and then make a climb up to the bridge itself. In total the number of feet climbed was 3,900 in 51 miles, a very respectable day of cycling.