Thursday, August 6, 2015

Stage 7: Cloverdale Fort Bragg

As a ride progresses, you start to get into a rhythm. Time to wake up, time for breakfast, time to start, time for coffee and such.

Today with a 77 mile ride, with no huge climbs it was time to just enjoy the ride and take as much time as necessary. If you take a look at the ride profile below, as we left Cloverdale there was a nice 8% climb for about 10 miles before descending into a small berg call Yorkville at about 12 miles. I spied a small mini mart and was able to wave some other rides in to join me for lattes and pastries.

We hung out for about 30 minutes before heading down the road another 12 miles or so to the lunch stop. We lingered a bit before heading on. But first I detoured back about 1/2 mile to Anderson Valley Brewery. They make a stout that I really enjoy and I wanted to sample it at their tasting room, but when I arrived, I was too early and decided to push on rather than waiting for them open.

The road oscillated all day long as we lost attitude to the ocean, but the total number of feet added to our accumulated feet climbed all day long.

At about 45 miles we reached the Navarro Redwoods State Park is about 10 miles long of beautiful biking through a Redwood forest. Shady and cool made for ideal biking conditions, A very special and unexpected treat.

We emerged from the forest into strong headwinds off the ocean and as we got close to Highway 1, it became so cool that many of the riders needed to put on their jackets. The next stop was in Mendocino, a small tourist town just off Highway 1 where we hung out for quite a while. Long enough to have two cups of coffee and a stop at the local bakery.

Fort Bragg was only 8 miles further north that went pretty quickly. I'm not sure what time we arrived, maybe about 2:30, but the riders that had arrived before us were hanging out in at the motel having drinks and munching chips.

Tomorrow is a day off before heading South for our final 4 days before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge and completing the ride.

Today' Photos

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