Friday, July 31, 2015

Stage 1: Crystal Springs Loop

Today is a warm up loop ride for the trip. Out from out motel in Millbrae, up a steep hill to the Crystal Springs Reservoirs before dropping down to Woodside. After a quick lunch provided at our support van, we started the climb up Kings Mountain Road. At times my bike computer was showing 10% grade and on occasion up to 12%.

At the top, we scooted along Skyline Blvd until we reached Route 92, where a truck and cycle had collided backup up traffic for miles going up and down the route. Being that we were on bikes, we scooted around the traffic and continued on.

A couple more climbs and we were back at the reservoirs and soon were back where we started at the hotel with enough time for a couple of drinks at the nearby Chinese restaurant.  

Tomorrow we'll be taking the BART to the ferry which will take us to the other side of the bay to start the trip.

Today's Photos

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun, however, those climbs look exhausting. I guess the drinks make up for any real distress they may have caused.