Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Stage 5; Headlsberg loop ride, Sweetwater Loop

Ahh Sweetwater... has a lovely name doesn't it? Well the first quarter of this was anything but sweet. This was climb like few that I've done before.

Take a look at the ride profile below, the two pyramid peaks below? Well those represents some very steep climbs. Looking at the computer as I was climbing, sections were 19% and once or twice a bit steeper. With grades this steep, you front wheel begins to lift off the pavement with each stroke. You have to be standing up over your handlebars to keep the wheel on the ground, just hoping that something doesn't go wrong cause with you feet clipped into the pedals, you could fall down to either side and have a painful crash.

One of the nice things about having a Garmin is that you can set the view for the ride profile and judge how much more you need to endure. You just keep saying, another 400 feet, another 300 feet, another 200 feet, another 100 feet and then the climb is done and you meet all your buddies and lie to each other on how much fun it was.... oh this is just a crazy sport....

Brian Cox

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